It started with Chicago. Then, Manchester.

For nearly three decades, Laurent Garnier has urged himself to create on the cutting edge of dance music. Beyond the turntables and studio, Garnier moves between genres and performance techniques with the aim of continuously challenging himself. Pick any moment from his musical journey, and it's easy to see this creative momentum: there was the Hacienda in the late '80s, his time spent in America exploring house, the techno of his label F Communications and his entry into the realm of jazz. "I never want to be an old artist playing my old tracks just to please the older crowd," he says. "I don't think that's healthy." (RA)

Laurent Garnier is now an undeniable force that is making the planet dance.

Last summer (2013) Laurent Garnier met with Jerome Derradji over dinner before his long awaited return at the decks in Chicago for SmartBar. Longtime friends, Laurent and Jerome talked about the possibility of releasing some of his new productions under the name Garnier. A new venture for the veteran Dj and producer, that will see him release a series of 12”s for labels such as 50 Weapons and more….

“AF 0490” is the first release in the series and showcases Garnier at his best.
Three tracks that pay their respect to the heroes of Trax, Dancemania and to the Chicago sound they helped create without any misplaced nostalgia. 
“Bang (The Underground Doesn’t Stop)” is a dancefloor anthem, magnificent and pure Chicago circa 1998. “Boom (Chakolak)” takes you way back to the Southside with its gritty “footwork” 909 kicks, snares and vocal loops, massive! “Beat (Da BoxX) is a pure Garnier, Dancemania inspired techno monster. The loop is finally complete, Garnier can now hop on flight AF 0490 direct from Paris to Chicago to Bang The Box once more.

Tell your friends, 2014 looks like it’s going to be the year of the Garnier.