Back in 2017, Jerome Derradji received a call by one of Chicago's most renowned record dealers. It went like this: "Hey Jerome, I've got all these reel to reel tapes of Chicago House stuff. You want to take a look?" Less than 24 hours later, more than 160 reels were purchased and safely hauled back to the Still Music office and Jerome got to work. Around 50 of these tapes are DJ Mixes that were broadcasted on WGCI and WBMX in the mid to late eighties mostly with the Hot Mix 5. They were played on the radio only once and were lost until today. This series is an absolute window back to the heydays of Chicago House music....

Cassette #4:
Title - K  
“Jack To The Lost Chicago Reels
Is it you Ron? And Devastating Daryl….”
Cat# Stilljack04
Side A - Unknown…
Side B - Devastating Daryl
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