Jerome Derradji Pres. Kstarke Records: The House That Jackmaster Hater Built DCD w/ Booklet

Jerome Derradji Pres. Kill Yourself Dancing: The Story Of Sunset Records Inc. Chicago 1985-1989 DCD w/ Booklet

Jerome Derradji Pres. Bang The Box! The Lost Story Of AKA Dance Music. Chicago - 1988-1989 w/ Booklet

Have you ever wondered how you could explain the birth of House music to your mates? No biggie, we got you!

Jerome Derradji’s critically acclaimed series of Chicago House compilations are the perfect gift for the fans and non fans of Chicago house music. Here you get 6 cds filled with original, rare and unreleased tracks, all remastered, that define to this day what Chicago House music is. Every comp comes in amazing packaging with booklets filled with killer liner notes (written by Jacob Arnold) and pics that will bring you right back to the beginning of House, right here, in our lovely Chi Town. Get them now or go on discogs and spend a nice chunk of your next year salary on compiling these on wax. We wish you the best…