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Thirteen years ago, while Jerome Derradji was Djing in Liverpool, he was approached by a young lad named Andy Ash. Andy handed Jerome a CD. It was so great that all the tunes ended up on “Carnival De L’Spirit”, his (now legendary) debut D12” for Stilove4music.

In the last decade, Andy has been releasing critically acclaimed House and Disco 12”s on some of the best House labels on the planet such as On The Prowl, Delusions of Grandeur, Dessous, People Must Jam and many others.

Finally this week, Andy will drop “Not At Home”, his first (official) full length on Still Music.

In more than a decade, Andy’s production has matured and evolved. It is now more sonically subtle, superbly arranged and it seamlessly brings you to Detroit, Chicago and New York with a perfect blend of Disco, Garage, Acid and House.

“Not At Home” is a fantastic DLP with 6 songs that showcase how much Andy has mastered his craft while staying true to his roots. This is how real house music sounds like. To top it off, Andy, who is also a fantastic painter, created his own artwork which perfectly matches his music. (Fans of Keith Haring will not be disappointed….)

With “Not At Home” Andy demonstrates incredible maturity, creativity and talent.

As usual, this release is limited to 500 copies on vinyl.


Support from Kristian - AME, Marsel Delsin, Patrick Perring (Slothboogie Records), Mathieu Schreyer (KCRW).

This is great! Loving Feels and Vacancy.

Eli - Soulclap

Sounds niiiiccceee : )

Matthew Jonson - Wagon Repair

The stuff is great. Would love to feature in my shows.

Alex - Jazzanova

Pretty sure some of these will find a nice spot in our mixes :)

Marco Passarani

Liking quite a few tracks on this. Already knew him from Delusions a.o., and the album doesn’t disappoint.

Kraak &Smaak & Boogie Angst

This Andy Ash LP is an absolute winner.  Really nice to hear a more ‘musical’ side to his production even though there’s some big old samples in there! :)

The Back To Love edit is tastefully done and really loving the Lonnie cut up too!

All in all a great bunch of tracks.


Lovely stuff

Harri - Sub Club


Great EP

Luke Solomon - Classic - Defected

Nice bumpin release

Basic Soul Unit

some sweet cuts on that lp, especially let love shine!

Ben Sims

Fantastic release Jerome, as always you dig up the good stuff.

Norman Methner / International Gigolo

I´m just having the usual quick listening concerning Andy Ash. Faves: Tracks 1 + 5. Opener is a brillant one.

Klaus Fiehe 1LIVE Radio/Germany

I really love it.  Such a warm atmosphere, great production, nice chunky grooves...loving this UK deep house sound, always have in fact!!  But this is done especially well..!

Dan Curtin

...it is such a good album, all the tracks sound really good. Perfect balance between disco, funk and acid/house vibes! ...  highlight and inclusion of the daily playlist at Radio Oxigénio fm station in Lisbon.

Jorge Caiado

Sounding so nice!

Toni Yotzi

Big thanks for sending this over, it's a fantastic feel good / hands in the air album


Full support on this, big up Andy!!! I will feature on my radio shows for sure!

Phil Cooper

Whoosh! This is great. Would love to play on my next radio show for WWFM.

Derek Chase Duncan / Pacific Rhythm