• Jerome Derradji Presents Bang The Box! The (Lost) Story Of AKA Dance Music. Chicago 1987-88 (Warehouse Find!!)

    Still Music

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It’s 1986. “I’m going to set the scene for you,” Matt Warren begins. “We’re driving down the street, having a hard time finding [the Power Plant], because it’s in an old factory. All of the sudden, we hear music through the car windows.... We pull up right in front. It’s all busy—there’s people waiting to get in. We’re going to try to find a parking space, but I could hear the music coming through the window. And what did I hear? I heard this thing which I had never heard before. And it’s going, ‘Time to jack, time to jack, ti-ti-ti-time to jack.’ And I’m like, Whoa, what is that?
This single event changed Matt Warren's life and was the keystone for the launch of one of Chicago's most obscure and original house record label. Jerome Derradji and Still Music are proud to present “Bang The Box! The (lost) story of AKA Dance Music”, a label launched by Matt Warren in 1987, months after he left Sunset Records Inc. (see Kill Yourself Dancing on Still Music). In a fantastically packaged DLP and DCD and including a full story written by Jacob Arnold, “Bang The Box!” showcases the classic AKA releases along with 14 lost house gems that will make you go back to the time when House music was king in the Windy City.