• Master Plan - Electric Baile - 12" - Sunset Records Inc. (Warehouse Find!!)

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We're not done celebrating our 10th Anniversary at Still Music and we've decided to continue diggin' for some treats from our vaults.

After we've released the critically acclaimed "Kill Yourself Dancing! The Story Of Sunset Records Inc. 1985-89", a lot of our friends were asking us for some specific 12"s to be repressed. We felt obliged to comply and here we go with three of the most significant 12"s from Sunset Records Inc.

Next up is the massive 1986 "Electric Baile" 12" by Master Plan composed by Pepper Gomez and Tom O'Callaghan and produced by Matt "The Mighty" Warren.
A favorite of the Still Music crew, this 12" mixes new wave, disco and house with strong latin Freestyle vibes typical of Chicago at this time. It also features an amazing and electrifying dub mix produced by Matt Warren.

Master Plan - Electric Baile - 12"
Cat# Sun-2771-R
A1 - Electric Baile (Commercial Mix) 
A2 - Electric Baile (Small Dub) 
B - Electric Baile (Large Dub)