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Lonnie Givens - Runnin' To A Disco / The Heat Is On by stillmusic


Here is another seminal Chicago disco record straight from the vault of Past Due records - Jerome Derradji Still Music’s beloved Disco division.  The story behind this 70’s disco hit from Lonnie Givens and Pick Of The Litter is more than impressive. Originally released on 7” by Mason Records around 77/78, “Runnin’ To A Disco” quickly became one of the first Chicago Disco classic. The track was an immediate hit and logically attracted the attention of Curtis Mayfield who tried to sign it (and Lonnie Givens) to Curtom Records. Unfortunately, the owner of Mason records refused, thinking this 7” will break the Midwest borders to become a national hit. That didn’t happen and left Lonnie Givens frustrated and wondering about his next move.

Lonnie Givens then decided to move on, literally, to Michigan where he quickly became a staple bassist for the legendary Westbound label. His collaborations where numerous and he was featured as a session musician on many releases by the legendary Detroit Emeralds. In 1982, Lonnie was still bitter about “Runnin’ To A Disco” flopping so he decided to redo the track with some help from Westbound who created the label AIP exclusively for him. Lonnie then  re-released his boogie hit, this time with vocals and a new title: “The Heat Is On”.  It was co- produced by James Mitchell Jr. and Marvin Willis of the Detroit Emeralds at the Westbound Studios.

For the first time in history, you can get all the remastered versions of this superb and rare boogie record on one 12”. This is Chicago and Detroit at its finest, courtesy of Past Due Records.


 A1 - Pick Of The Litter - Runnin' To A Disco

A2 - Lonnie Givens - The Heat Is On (Instrumental)

B1 - Lonnie Givens - The Heat Is On (Vocal))