• Basic Soul Unit's Motional Response In The Press!

    Basic Soul Unit's "Motional Control" full length is just about to be released on Still Music! We've got some nice press for this amazing piece of House and Techno, check it below:

    Canada's best radio station, CBC,  does a Q&A with Basic Soul Unit and offers the full album for streaming!

    "The music… [Basic Soul Unit] makes today is raw, highly melodic and derivative without being unoriginal, referencing the practical and theoretical sides of his come up."

    Stream the full album and read this great interview here

    XLR8R says:

    "Motional Response appeals to the listener on a somatic level with understatement, making it perennially fresh and engaging."

    Check the full review here

    The Textura Blog also reviewed Motional Response:

    "It's understating it to say that Motional Response is a collection of which both Li and Still Music can be proud. Quality and polish are just two of the words that come to mind in reference to this consistently excellent recording."

    Check the full review here

    Little White Earbuds also gives props to Motional Response:

    "It may have taken nearly a decade to arrive, but Motional Response is everything a debut album should be. Apart from constituting both an enthralling home-listener and a DJ’s delight (seriously, just pick any track, they’ll all work), it’s true to the established BSU sound without resorting to templates."

    Read the full LWE review here has to say this about Basic Soul Unit's first full length:

    "Simply entitled 'Motional Response', and to be released next month via Chicago house label Still Music, Stuart wraps the album lovingly and dynamically, almost akin to someone who is about to wrap a birthday present to the love of his life.  Not a crease nor a tear in the works. Only painstaking work, ensuring that every corner and fold is taken and executed with the strictest of care and precision (from Stuart, I wouldn't expect anything less). "

    Read the full review here

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